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We service a wide variety of Turboprop Aircraft.

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Executive Wings Inc. is a designer and producer of custom modifications that enhance safety and performance for your turboprop Cessna or King Air. Whether you desire minor equipment installations, or complete propulsion or airframe changes, we are able to deliver a quality product.


Mods for: Cessna 500 Series Cessna C-441 Conquest II Cessna C-425 Conquest I Cessna 421C Cessna 310 Beechcraft KingAir 90 Series Piper Navajo Piper Cheyenne I, II, III, IV


Executive Wings, Inc. offers a complete range of services, inspections and repairs for your cabin class turboprop aircraft. The company was founded in 2002 by Don Beaty, a leader in TPE331 engine overhaul, repair and modification. Don is also one who has specialized in creating mods for the Cessna Conquest and Beechcraft King Air lines of aircraft.


Our facility is located at Melbourne Int'l Airport in Melbourne, Florida.
Executive Wings, Inc.  is a full service, state of the art turboprop maintenance facility, located at Melbourne International Airport.

We specialize in TPE 331 and PT6 turboprop inspection, maintenance and repair. Our staff has over 25 years of experience on the TPE 331 and PT6 engines. Executive Wings, Inc.  has developed a number of safety and performance upgrades for Cessna Conquest I & II; King Air 90, 100, 200 and 350 aircraft.

Executive Wings, Inc.  has the equipment and expertise to handle all your aviation needs including:

*Phase Inspections
*Heavy Maintenance
*Aircraft Modifications
*Performance Enhancement Systems
*DER's are on staff.
*Authorized installation center for Ice Shield™ Pneumatic De- Icer.