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Upon entering a work agreement, verbal or written, with Space Coast Productions the Client agrees that Space Coast Productions retains full rights to all raw Video and Photography created by Space Coast Productions including but not limited to Photos, Graphics, and Video created by Space Coast Productions.  As such, any resale, reproduction or other use of said property, for profit, is strictly forbidden unless a release is given in writing.   We do offer buy outs for raw footage, allowing the client full and unlimited use of Photos, Graphics, and Video created by Space Coast Productions in addition to 50/50 profit programs.

Space Coast Productions further retains the right to use said Photos, Graphics, and Video created by Space Coast Productions in promotional media for Space Coast Productions and it's Affiliates. 

Unlimited use and reproduction is allowed for any final product delivered in it's original scope.  i.e.. Final edited Photos, Videos, Websites or Graphics in their entirety.

Websites are required to retain the (created by Space Coast Productions or Powered by Space Coast Productions) credits. 

Reproduction for personal and non profit use is allowed and encouraged.  For example printing of photos to give to family members or distributing a video via YouTube without monetization.

If you are uncertain if your reproduction falls under fair use or for profit or if you require a release to print your photos feel free to contact us at

Space Coast Productions reserved

Space Coast Productions reserves the right to make changes or additions to these terms at any time without notice.

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