For those who use the art of bullying
To make them a man
I am glad to inform you
The rules of engagement are changing throughout this land
For all you who think bullying is cool
Ready or not I’m, taking you back to school
My personal opinion, I think the practice is absurd
But here take Webster’s definition of the word.
Scoundrel, rogue, rake, knave, villain, robber
Fraud, scamp, hypocrite, sneak, shyster, cad,
Trickster, charlatan, swindler, wretch, quack, tramp
Troll, two-timing, dirt-dealing-mug, good-for-nothing,
Dirty-dog, school-pinching-mug
The definitions are long and the descriptions can go on.
All equal out to a character despicably wrong.
To victims you have wronged for so long,
Their shameful passive behavior and lonely tears are gone.
A new social order is appearing across the land
Zero tolerance is the new stand
They will not retaliate with fighting, shouting or cursing
They will defend themselves with resistance, exposure, filing of charges civilized legal weapons of mass destruction
The realm of bullying is getting tight
For all social, legal and religious organizations have the victims back
And when the victims unite together you would be a fool to fight.
For light is stronger than night and wrong will never beat right
I am aware that bullying has been here since the dawn of man
To anybody who has been a victim of bullying here’s the plan
Tell your family, your teachers and your friends
You might be afraid but still make a stand
Send a letter to your teacher, principal, school board, preacher
Write as many social organizations as you can.
For the pen is mightier than the sword in any land.
Now there’s a new social order.
For victims, their families, their friends have made a stand
A new interpretation of being a woman and a man
There’s a new insight for you wanna be mobsters
We know it’s not the bully but the act that is the monster
Let me clarify that rhyme
We know most of you bullies were yourself victims…. of another time
In social etiquette you may be behind
You just need a new positive behavior to find
To be courteous and humble to a bully may be absurd
But “please”, “thank you” and “I love you” are still powerful words.
The evolution applies to us all
Bullies and victims must take the first step to answer the call
So this ridiculous regime of bullying will one day fall
Like when David launched his rock
That caused Goliath to fall dead upon the land
We too must make a stand
Against the paper-giants that inhabit our land
May we forever remain united!
May we forever stand!

By Augusta Williams Jr.

All rights reserved
December 5, 2011
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