Bullying is a crisis in America and must be addressed.  The objective of the “Got Respect?” Tour 2012 – This nationwide tour is to deter bullying and motivate students to respect one another despite their differences.   The tour will launch in Jacksonville, Florida. From there we will be meeting many children in the areas surrounding this magnificent city. As we continue our march across the nation, we will keep you updated with event announcements!


The entire tour will be videotaped; this will be used to help America see the difference it makes when we understand and accept people’s differences.  The tour consists of a program that reaches out to students and teaches them about bullying and accepting other people’s differences. 


The following key values will be emphasized during motivational speeches to students:


1. Respect – The rewards of accepting others even if they appear different.


2. Confidence – Believe in yourself regardless of your personal situation and life challenges.


3. Growth – Being positive and open minded to your surroundings by including educators, parents, and other students.


Hurt people hurt other people!  Therefore, the core value of this program is to urge students to develop a healthy and positive attitude about themselves and their relationships with others.  With a powerful message, Chris educates the students on the value of creating positive relationships verses the negative effects of peer pressure and anti-social behavior.  The program will be evaluated to develop a model educational program that can be replicated and implemented in schools nationwide thereby helping to address America’s Bullying Crisis.

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