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 Chris Hollyfield presents “Got Respect? Tour”

“Got Respect? Tour” speaker, Chris Hollyfield, definitely knows what bullying is… Measuring 4-foot-4, this phenomenal motivational speaker is perceived at first glance as an undersized man in an over sized world. The “Got Respect? Tour” will show the emotional and physical effects of bullying. Chris maximizes his visual difference to help students recognize & avoid teasing & bullying among their peers. In the past 12 years, Chris has had the opportunity to address hundreds of thousands of students regarding the effects of teasing and bullying. Throughout his travels nationwide, he has shared his life struggles, disappointments and rejections while stating his determination to love and be loved in ones efforts to succeed in life. Chris’s determination and “go-getter” attitude have helped him achieve many things in life. He has appeared on various TV shows including World Wrestling Entertainment, MTV, multiple national talk shows and Miami Ink just to name a few. Chris weighing in at around 100lbs also competed in a power lifting completion and bench pressed over 300lbs. Chris has also ran a group home for troubled teens, his “never give up” personality has an enormous impact on students and helps to encourage them to strive for the best and realize that bullying is not the answer when you are frustrated or feeling down. The main focus of the “Got Respect? Tour” is to meet with as many students as possible across the country on an ongoing basis. The first goal of the tour is to educate the students about what bullying is; and the second goal is to educate them about the harms and dangers of bullying and what the backlashes can be. The Columbine High School massacre can be used as an example of what teasing can lead to. The key focal points of his presentation allows kids to see the things that make attending school an enjoyable experience are: 1. Friendship – The rewards of making new friends with your peers, even if they appear different. 2. Reach for your dreams  Believe in yourself and make your dreams come true, regardless of your personal life obstacles. 3. Listen and Learn– foster positive growth by keeping an open mind to your educators, parents and coaches. The program goal is to educate the student body on the value of new friendships verses the negativity of peer pressure and anti-social behavior. The program urges students to develop a healthy attitude about themselves and others while learning to respect each other. “Being visually different automatically makes you a target – I’m a survivor of being bullied all my life.”- Chris Hollyfield Chris tells students what it was like to go through school being bullied because of dwarfism, a genetic condition leaving the individual with an average sized torso and head, but shorter arms and legs. Chris’s program speech, along with visual aids stress the importance of being tolerant and charitable, with a strong emphasis on avoiding teasing and bullying one another. Chris decisively demonstrates and exhibits to the student body on how he has achieved success, recognition, and friendships despite his handicaps and physical characteristics. Chris encourages kids to really get to know others before jumping to conclusions because of the way someone may look or act. School violence and safety is a national concern today more than ever. It is essential that the community, businesses, teachers, and students work together to develop and implement a disciplined program to create an environment where learning can take place. “Only by working together will we succeed in developing the strategies that produce the desired results.” – Chris Hollyfield

Mission Statement

To Make A Difference In How Students View Others In Spite Of Differences.

I have inserted a video to show you a little about what we do:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GniVGtT5Pc8 .

You can also view the video at http://www.chrishollyfield.com/.

I have also provided a link to a school I went to in Omaha http://www.omaha.com/article/20101030/LIVEWELL01/710309840



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